Literacy and Learning Solutions works with school districts, families, and students to address learning strengths & challenges. We integrate academic, emotional, and cognitive development through the implementation of direct, explicit, and systematic instruction.


Facing the Challenges

We use a variety of methods to help your child sustain attention, organize their thoughts, and increase their academic performance.


  • Dyslexia

  • Information processing disorders

  • Twice-Exceptional

 Everyone in the family can help a challenged child to learn!

Establishing Baseline

We use on-going data to drive our instructional decisions. We begin by obtaining a baseline and then do quick and frequent measurements to monitor the learning progress.


  • Reading - Oral  fluency

  • Writing - Quick writes

  • Math - Fluency of facts 


We graph the results to show students growth. 

And for the Parents

As the primary advocate for your child, it is important that you receive updated and accurate information in order to make informed decisions. 

We provide informational seminars:

  • Understanding Your Rights in the IEP and 504 process 

  • How to Increase Your Child’s Time Management and Organizational Skills

  • How to Communicate Effectively with Your Child

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